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Move-in and Move-out

Pure Professional Cleaning Services can prepare your space for the next tenant or owner. Once you move in or out of a property, home, or apartment, we are happy to come in and provide cleaning services. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

· Vacuum and sweep all floors.

· Wipe down baseboards.

· Scrub: walls, shower, bathtub, toilets, sink, and counters.

· Clean: kitchen and bathroom cabinets interior and exterior

· Clean kitchen appliances: sink, counters, oven and stovetop interior and exterior

· Dust everything.

· Window cleaning.

Routine Cleaning

If you require routine cleaning we offer
Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Bi-Monthly cleaning services

Periodic Cleaning

If you're only in need of cleaning periodically we offer
Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annual cleaning services.

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